I played a demo version of Shank on PS3 years ago. It was pretty damn sweet, but for some reason I never bought it. Well, it is very cheap on Steam now, and apparently there’s a sequel. Might as well try it. Let’s see if it’s as rad as I remember.

Stages of the game

First impressions

The visuals are very nice and cartoony and the controls are responsive. Not much to complain about there. I have a chainsaw, a couple of pistols and obviously a couple of SHANKS!

If you’re a sensitive asshole, you might not want to play this. I mean, some people take offense to someone sticking a chainsaw down someone else’s throat.

Shank seems like a fun enough game. I hope it’s not too long though as I figure it might get a bit repetitive.

Somewhere in the middle

Yeaaaaah, I was right. This is getting repetitive. The combat seems kind of.. I don’t know.. random? I just spam the chainsaw, pistols and shank attacks into combos, get hit by someone and lose some HP, shank/chainsaw/shoot some more, get damaged a lot, get a shitload of HP fills all the time..

I have obtained a few new weapons, but they don’t seem quite as good as just spamming the jump-dive-chainsaw-attack. Except for the shotgun, obviously. The shotgun is awesome.

I can probably keep playing if I just take breaks now and again.

After finishing the game

I would probably not be as happy with this game if I had bought it when it was first released, at a higher price. Now, though, I am quite content. This was a fun little game. A couple of hours long maybe and very violent. The storytelling is pretty intense, even though there’s not much of a story to talk about.

If you enjoy sidescrolling 2D beat’em ups (or shank’em ups as it were), then by all means, play this.