So, I decided to buy some old classic PS3 games that I’ve for some reason missed to play, and that right now are dirt cheap since we’re near the end of the life cycle of the console. One of those games is FarCry 2. I’ve played FarCry 3 and enjoyed it very much, so I went in expecting something similar but worse (since it is older).

Stages of the game

First impressions

Why did I buy this? The graphics are horrible for the PS3. The controls are really sluggish and it’s very difficult to aim. Why has this game received good reviews? I bet the PC version handles much more nicely and looks a lot better.  I feel sorry for whoever ported this game for the PS3 and wonder how they’re able to sleep at night.

Guess what? This is awful enough that I can’t even continue playing this (and that does not happen very often for me). If I do decide to continue one rainy day then I guess I’ll update this review at that time. Maybe it’s unfair to only play this for an hour or so and immediately reject it, but I honestly don’t see how I could possibly continue playing this without the feeling that I’m wasting my precious weekend.

I wish I had a nice gaming PC to play this on, but I don’t, so there you have it.

Somewhere in the middle


After finishing the game



Don’t play!