Ok, so I find that my usual review format is rather awkward for the type of games that doesn’t really have an ending, like online games for instance. Such is also the case for Euro Truck Sim (at least I think so), so I created a new category for this: “Endless”. I will just briefly talk about these games and then put a verdict on them. Now, let’s put on that beard and get on with Euro Truck Simulator…

I never sat behind a wheel in my life. Well, maybe I did, but I certainly never drove a car. When I saw Euro Truck Simulator 2 in a bundle on Steam, I couldn’t resist. I have heard surprisingly good things about this game.

I decided to go with a manual gearbox (hey, this is a European truck sim, not American!) which of course was not going to do me, the inexperienced (to say the least) driver, any favors. Sticks and stones may break my bones, and the stick certainly broke me at first.

Guess what? I really like this game. It’s very relaxing, and I think I may even be learning some things about traffic. The controls felt a bit clunky at first, but that’s probably just my inexperience showing, because after having played for about an hour, I did just fine.

I pick up this game from time to time now, put some Lynyrd Skynyrd on in the background and go crazy on the roads by OBEYING THE LAW, BABY! I certainly recommend this to anyone who wants a nice little piece of zen in their lives. Play this with a controller though (or I guess a wheel and pedals).