Firewatch is supposed to be a story driven, first person game where you’re a firewatch in a national park somewhere. From what I understand, you walk around doing stuff while communicating with your boss or whatever, and the dialogue is supposed to be really good. People in Steam reviews whine about the ending being crap, also calling this an “expensive walking simulator”. Since I don’t trust shitty kids on Steam, I’ve gotta try this out for myself.

Stages of the game

First impressions

Graphics are very mediocre. The park as such looks pretty okay, but you know, it’s a national park. They are beautiful. Hard to fuck that up, I imagine.

The prologue is pretty intense, even if it’s just a bunch of text mixed with a little bit of gameplay. Seems good enough, though. Controls are somewhat limited. climbing rocks is painfully slow. It doesn’t have to me Mirror’s Edge, but c’mon, if the game is really just running around the park, at least it should be easy and painless getting around the park.

The dialogue is really good. For once I agree with the shitty kids writing reviews on Steam.

Somewhere in the middle

I am hooked right now. The story escalates pretty quickly and is now really exciting. Navigating with the map and compass is pretty fun, I think. For once we’re not spoiled with fancy auto GPS features and stuff.

I find myself really wanting to radio stuff in to my boss so I can hear a bit more of the dialogue. I will surely finish this.

After finishing the game

Yeah, so.. the ending actually did disappoint me. There was such tension in this game. It really kept me on the edge of my seat, and then, in the end, I was more like “..okay then”.

I don’t want to spoil anything, but I think they could have done something different with the ending. I am not sure how much it would have mattered though. It was still just as exciting to play through. But I don’t know, maybe you shouldn’t listen to me. I am, after all, the only one to ever finish the Mass Effect trilogy without bitching and moaning online about the ending afterwards.

So yeah, play this. It’s not very long, but it doesn’t have to be. It is a really exciting, beautiful and original game.



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