Like everyone else, I love the Telltale games (especially The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us. Most movies and a lot of TV series lately bore me. It’s like I’ve seen it all. Telltale’s games, however, have very much managed to keep me interested and invested all the way, and that really means something to me. When you find good shit, you stick with it, and Life is strange is supposed to be a similar kind of interactive story. I can’t wait.

Stages of the game

First impressions

I’m a hip girl with an old Polaroid camera who goes to some fancy private school or something (hey, don’t hang me, I’m not familiar with the ‘murican school system) to learn how to take good pictures, I guess. Apparently I consider myself a geek and make awkward references all the time. In real life, I am starting to feel old at times, but this game makes me feel younger than I’ve felt in years – I actually understand these stupid Internet references. Not only does it make me feel young: it also makes me kind of sick to my stomach. I’m a pathetic old man (26 years old lol AWESOMESAUCE*).

Pretty soon I find out that I have this magic ability to reverse time (just like Square Enix must have done when they went back to the ’90s to steal the graphics for this game.) Any conversations I participate in, I can just undo whenever I feel I got the wrong reactions to whatever crazy shit I just said. Quite a bit of an unfair advantage, but hey, it’s epic win**, right?

Honestly, the first two hours or so did not leave much hope for the game to really catch my attention. The protagonist hipster girl is a little bit annoying methinks, the graphics are not very good honestly (neither are Telltale’s games graphics, but they’re cel-shaded and so get away with a more cartoonish look) and the story did not interest me.

I did keep playing because that is my duty after all (look at me, thinking anyone actually reads this crap!) and because the time reversal magic seems like an interesting concept, and now I can see it’s actually starting to pay off. Some pretty fucked up stuff, story-wise, is starting to surface. I think I will be happy with this.

* Actually used term in this game
** Frequently used term in this game

Square Enix, oh you...

It was at this point I realized that Max must be fucked in the head.

Somewhere in the middle

I am just totally caught up in this web of lies I created. No matter how I try making the right choices, shit just turns intro crap. There does not seem to be any right or wrong choices. All good things lead up to bad things and vice versa.

This is a pretty emotional story, I have to say. I am glad that I’m playing this as an adult and not a teen. Teen me would have probably not been able to process all these feels. thi

So, I have noticed that they choices I make in the game actually matter.  In the TellTale games, no matter how you try dealing with situations, shit always hits the proverbial fan any way. All choices really lead up to the same ending, with only minor differences along the way. In Life Is Strange, I’m not so sure that’s the case. I am guessing the tree of events that can potentially take place must be a whole lot more complex in this game, and I am loving it.

Does the game have bad parts? Sure. I hate how Max (the protagonist) keeps referring to herself as a “geek”. She’s trying so hard to be a hipster geek girl it makes me cringe. Also, some parts are pretty tedious (like where Max has to look for five bottles at a junkyard) but those are not common.

I will keep playing this, and I very much see myself recommending it to people.

I quite like the boss battles. They are very much “hey, just stand in this corner and fire and you’ll be fine” but it does take some effort to find that sweet spot. I have read some complaints online about this, but they people complaining must not have played many older games. The bosses are all patterns in old NES games, and I’d much rather have that than random bosses shooting projectiles and fire all over, making me feel clumsy and bad at the game.

I’d say it’d take something very drastic to keep me from recommending this game to everyone in the end. It’s just great.

After finishing the game

I’m not a religious man, but jesus christ. This game is heavy stuff. It seems so innocent in the beginning but it gets a lot darker for sure.

I mean, here’s some of the stuff this game deals with:

  • Psychopath murderers
  • Bullying
  • Suicide
  • Drugs
  • Euthanasia (or assisted suicide or whatever you want to call it)
  • A family’s struggle with crippling medical bills
  • Full body paralysis
  • Choices leading to your best friend’s death – over and over again

I totally fell in love with Life Is Strange and just wasted a weekend playing it, but I sure had a blast. The last episode was a bit tedious at times (including the awfully overused nightmare sequence where previous parts of the games was re-played but in a twisted, fucked up kind of way), but the other episodes were quality throughout.

Definitely play this, because this shit is awesomesauce!



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