Yet another Metroidvania type game with a name that I have no idea whatsoever what it means. Gotta be good, right?

I only now heard of this game since it was nominated for game of the year from what I can gather. It was right up there along with Undertale (which maybe you know is one of my all time favorites) so the bar is set quite high for this. Apparently, just like Undertale, everything in this game was created by one single person and strangely, I have come to accept that such games are generally better than the multi million dollar productions publishers like EA and Ubisoft dish out.

It’s strange – as all my friends played Metroid, I never really gave it a chance. I tried it a few times and did not like it at all. Quite a few years later, I started playing other games influenced by Metroid (Castlevania: Symphony of the Night for example) and really liked the Metroidvania conecpt. I then started playing Super Metroid and found that hey, this is not bad at all! So I have kind of taken the reverse course here.

Stages of the game

First impressions

This game sure has some pretty SNES graphics. The music contributes to the mood with its heavy bass and space sounds. It is quite influenced by Metroid and Castlevania; it does not take a genius to tell. I miss Metroid’s spinning jump sound and animations though.. wooshwooshwooshwoosh!

I have become a very easily bored gamer. Most games can’t hold me interested for very long. This is one of those games that still can, however, it seems. I’m having a blast.

Somewhere in the middle

The music and some of the art is creeping me out for real. To be perfectly honest, as I lay in my bed last night before going to sleep, I realized I was reluctant to continue playing because of this. Still, this is the first time in a while that I haven’t been bored with a game, even for a minute. There were even moments in Undertale (!!) that I felt boredom come creeping a little bit. So, despite being a little shaky, here I am, continuing playing this great game.

Like I’ve already stated, this is a very Metroidvania game. One of the cool features is glitching: the protagonist can use his cool space gun to glitch enemies and certain objects. When I talk about glitching, think NES games fucking up resulting in weird graphical glitches. Different kinds of enemies react in different ways to glitching. Some become much easier and some actually become harder. Some become moving blocks that the player can stand on. It’s all very strange, very creepy and very unique.

Just drillin' the old the drillin' drill.

Just drillin’ the old the drillin’ drill.

I quite like the boss battles. They are very much “hey, just stand in this corner and fire and you’ll be fine” but it does take some effort to find that sweet spot. I have read some complaints online about this, but they people complaining must not have played many older games. The bosses are all patterns in old NES games, and I’d much rather have that than random bosses shooting projectiles and fire all over, making me feel clumsy and bad at the game.

I’d say it’d take something very drastic to keep me from recommending this game to everyone in the end. It’s just great.

After finishing the game

Yes, yes, yes. Buy this, play this, love this. This, along with Undertale, is by far one of my favorite games of the year (and the year is almost over, so they will likely stay that way).

There are some downsides. For one, the final boss battle was pretty anti climatic. I expected some big monster with several different forms, each harder than the previous one. Well, that wasn’t the case. Also, there may have been a bit too much running around the somewhat large map which got a bit tedious at times. A lot of people seem to have gotten stuck a few times in the game, but that didn’t really happen to me.



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