Strange name for a game. I have never heard of this, but it was cheap on Steam and it looks kind of like vvvvvv, so that’s what I am expecting. Let’s see if it is as good!

Apparently this game is “based on difficulty” and has “custom checkpoints”. That is all I know.

Stages of the game

First impressions

Very slick soundtrack so far! Graphics are simple enough that even an artistically void person such as myself could draw them in Paint. They look pretty good, though.

So the “custom checkpoint system” means I can place checkpoints wherever I want to, and then just respawn there whenever I die. Sound easy? You only have 100 lives for all of the game. Unless you play on Easy, where you have unlimited lives. That’s what I’m doing. Yeah, I’m a coward.

Somewhere in the middle

Beat the game. It was short. 15-20 minutes, maybe. It was alright though, I guess.

There’s a remix mode, featuring 8 levels of “varying difficulty” and where cowards such as myself cannot easy mode. Let’s see how this goes…

After finishing the game

Beat the remix as well. I had 100 lives to start with, ended with 79. Too easy I would say; I got a B- score on the first try.

This was a cute little game. Worth my while and it certainly did not overstay its welcome. I’d say it’s worth a playthrough, especially if you can get it really cheap.



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