adore Earthbound, both the first and the second of the series (I regret not having played the third one yet). When I heard there’s a game on Steam that supposedly is inspired by Earthbound, I knew I had to buy it. Will play it with my XBone gamepad.

Stages of the game

First impressions

The graphics are equally charming and horrifying. The music (well, at least the three tracks I’ve heard so far) is amazing. Reminds me of Earthbound and Final Fantasy 6. The fighting system is obviously inspired by Earthbound but has a cool twist involving moving a heart around to avoid projectiles or whatever.

It seems I don’t need to harm anyone at all.. in fact, I am explicitly told so by the cow/guardian creature I met in the beginning. Well, she also told me not to walk anywhere, which I did. I wonder what would’ve happened if I had not walked anywhere.. I wonder what would happen if I killed a creature instead of drive them into tears or running away from them.

This game is really weird, and it has made me giggle a couple of times already in the first ten or so minutes. I am sure I will love this.

Somewhere in the middle

Hilarious. Really, Undertale is hilarious. It also fucks with my head quite a bit. I don’t want to go into details because this is the kind of game you will enjoy more if you don’t know too much about what makes it special, but I can pretty much guarantee that you’ll know what kind of things I refer to once you play this.

The fighting system is very unusual and it just keeps getting stranger (and more hilarious!) There is no need to kill anyone here; you can just spare enemies based on what actions you perform towards them. I imagine the game is not quite as fun on a homicidal run as it is on a pacifist one.

After finishing the game

It just keeps coming. This game will take you by surprise, several times. That’s for sure.

Just finished Undertale and it is such a unique game. It is a tad short however, so I am hoping for a sequel. The limited length of the game, however, maybe is what keeps the game fresh and continually funny.

Just do yourself a favor and play this game without reading any more about it. Especially if you like the 16 bit Final Fantasy games and Earthbound.



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