Just having finished the first Witcher game, I have quite high expectations for this one. I expect the combat will be more slick (I certainly hope so, at least), the graphics to be better and the alchemy crafting system to be more refined.

I also expect this tale will be longer than having to sit through someone explaining the dreams they had last night (I really despise having to listen to that).

I read somewhere that it’s possible to import the best sword in the first game into this one. If so, let’s go kick some monster butt!

Stages of the game

First impressions

This sequel sure looks different from its predecessor. The graphics are better, but the the game runs way slower than is should. I mean, this game is not by any means new, and I can play the newest games on ultra settings with my machine. After fiddling with the settings and disabling motion blur, it’s strangely much smoother now. The game must be poorly programmed for the performance to be this bad.

The combat is much more challenging than in the first game as well. I’m sure I’ll get into it. I completed some tutorial, and based on the results (i.e. I died pretty much instantly) the game suggested the easy difficulty setting. What an insult. I manually set it to normal.

I haven’t really gotten into the game still. So far I’m not too impressed though. Inexplicably bad performance (that I managed to make better by tweaking) and a strange, not very smooth combat system. Let’s see if it gets better after I get used to it.

Somewhere in the middle

Yeah okay, so I have changed my mind. This game is great. Very pleasing visuals, more graphic sex scenes (yay!) and the combat system is actually quite cool once you get the hang of it.

The difficulty, I find, is very uneven however. The first boss of the game still is the one I had to retry the most times so far. I guess it’s a combination of me slowly getting better at the game, and also my character leveling and acquiring new skills.

The story telling is very nice in this game. Most of the bad things from the predecessor have been fixed this time. The combat system is better (you pretty much have to use all spells, or signs as they are called, whereas in the first game I only ever used two out of five), the graphics are much better, there are many more NPC models etc.

Let’s see if this is as long a game as the first Witcher. I sure wouldn’t complain.

After finishing the game

So yeah, this game is difficult on kind of a Dark Souls level. I did not expect that. It does, however, with dignity continue the Witcher series.

In retrospect, what bothered me the most was the gameplay mechanics that I didn’t even need to use. Like, I could put out bombs and traps, but I never saw a need to do so. Just dodge, stab, rinse and repeat until dead. Also, the game is maybe a little bit linear, but hey, it tells a great story and is definitely one of the best games I’ve played (well, at least top 20 somewhere I guess).



2 Thoughts on “Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enchanced Edition

  1. I’ve got The Witcher series too and started with the first one (of course), I just got over the first mission/tutorial and it’s a lot of running around and the fight scenes are just a matter of timing the clicks so far. I would’ve expected fighting to be a bit more in style of Assassins Creed series or even Prince of Persia. I really hope the game gets better soon.
    For now I’m stuck with Spintires though, another game I recently got that got me addicted :)

    • Hey now, hang in there! I ended up enjoying it a lot. If nothing else, you can look forward to the third game.

      I guess the combat is not the strong part of the game though.

      Spintires eh? Looks like Euro Truck Simulator: Communist edition. Awesome in others words. Mayne I should try it.

      Edit: Oh, the FIRST game! Yes, The fighting sucks. It gets verk different in the others two games.

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