I once googled “what is the best looking game ever?” and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt came up as one of the contenders (along with my  pet peeve Watch Dogs which doesn’t even look that good to me). I know nothing about the game, or the franchise whatsoever. So, hey, why not randomly throw away my money and by the entire trilogy on Steam for a hefty 70€?

Being who I am, I can’t play the third game in a series without having played the other two first, so I will start out of The Witcher: Enhanced Edition. Someone in the comments for the game on Steam wrote “if you like games like Mass Effect and Dragon Age, do yourself a favor and buy this game”. Well, mr Sir, I sure do like the games you mentioned so I hope you’re right about this.

Stages of the game

First impressions

Why can’t I use a gamepad in this game? I hate playing this kind of game with keyboard and mouse. Oh well.

So apparently I’m a Witcher with amnesia. I have been mutated to become some kind of superhuman that kills monsters in a world full of elves and shit. Elves, amnesia, monster killing – in a game?! How original! </sarcasm>

The combat is quite fun. I think I am going to like this game. It does remind me of Mass Effect/Dragon Age a lot and that’s a good thing.

Somewhere in the middle

I just learned that this game was developed in Poland. I guess that’s why it’s so Polished. Ha-ha-ha. Hah. Seriously though, it is interesting playing a game developed in Poland because I don’t think I’ve ever done so before. The fact that the game is good makes it even more interesting.

There is something about this game and its atmosphere that just drags me in and makes me want to play more. This is true even though the main character sounds like Duke Nukem when he talks. Also, for some reason it’s possible to sleep with some female NPCs, and once you do, you get something like a collector’s card with a picture of the lady you just plowed (yeah, they call it “plowing” in this game). Very weird, very sexist and very hilarious.

The combat is pretty cool, the graphics are alright, the story keeps me interested, the character design is quite cool and there are some pretty fun bugs (the hair on some NPCs flap around like crazy sometimes; just wait until you see this happen to the Reverend’s long beard…)

Everything is not rainbows and sunshine on a stick, however. The game crashes for no reason a lot. If happens maybe once every other hour or so. It’s manageable if saving is performed frequently, however. Also, there is so much running back and forth, even without doing all the side quests that are available.

Altogether this is a big surprise for me. So much better than I came in expecting and I see much self finishing this, wanting the sequel.

Awesome character design

The characters, man.. the characters. Damn. A work of art for sure.

After finishing the game

This was a pretty long game, but I did not mind. I had a blast playing this and I wonder why I hadn’t even heard of it before.

Although the combat system is a little clunky it’s still good fun. The music, as previously mentioned, is fantastic. This game also features pretty much the only crafting system I’ve enjoyed at all, in any game. What’s pretty sad, however, is that I’ve noticed there are maybe five or so different NPC models that are re-used, again and again. Sometimes that can be fine, but when they look as eccentric as the fat man with the bell around his neck (see picture above) it’s pretty hard to swallow.

If the sequels have improved from this game, then they can only be electrifyingly awesome.