So, I just bought a gaming PC that was too expensive, and that I’ve so far only used to play really old games that don’t even come close to fully utilizing the awesome powerz that be inside my computer machine. I’ve heard that Watch Dogs (or is it Watch:Dogs? Watch_Dogs?) is supposed to look pretty hot, so hey, let’s give it a go.

I don’t know a lot about this game, other than the fact that it’s Ubisoft, which can’t possibly be a good thing. The hacking seems pretty cool, but altogether I think it will turn out to be a mixture of other Ubisoft overrated games (Farcry and Assassin’s Creed to be specific). I think I’ll have fun anyway though, and hopefully my sweet, sweet computer will get a run for its money.

Stages of the game

First impressions

The game looks good for sure (I am playing on Ultra settings). The hacking is really cool, although I have not seen its full potential yet, I’m guessing. Or maybe I have and it’s only cool in the beginning. We’ll see.

The cars handle like crap, which makes driving a choir rather than something fun. Also, why can I steal them with a ton of witnesses without any repercussions?

The most interesting aspect of the game so far is the ability to see all the NPCs’ yearly salaries, occupations and random facts. It makes them a bit more human, I guess.

Somewhere in the middle

I find it interesting how this game has a karma system, but completely clearing someone’s bank account does not affect it.

Playing side quests in this game is very boring. I almost gave up on the damn game, until I decided to stop doing side quests and carry on with the campaign missions. This made it more bearable.

What bores me is that it’s all the same, and that same is not very good. The game does not excel at driving, shooting, stealthing or anything else basically.

I still somewhat enjoy Watch Dogs, but right now I would not recommend it to anyone. The hacking was cool to start with, but I realize now that after the first couple of missions I’ve seen all it can do and I am not really amused.

After finishing the game

Meh, just really, really meh. Also, meh. Did I mention meh?!

This game can’t hold my attention. I can’t bear finishing this game right now. This is everything that is wrong with so many games today. Fancy graphics, costs millions of dollars and a shitload for people to develop, and then just meh. The story is bland (I’m a cool hacker and my mysterious online friend turns out to be a super hot goth chick because LADIES CAN BE HACKERS TO DAMNIT!) and the gameplay isn’t that good. Just like I thought from the beginning, lots of elements are just copied from other Ubisoft franchises. Franchises that I, of course, don’t like.

Ubisoft, don’t you think that something is wrong with your game if I’d rather play something like Super Meat Boy which costs roughly as much as two cartons of milk and took two people to develop?


Don’t play!

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