I read some very nice things about this game. Many have called it “game of the year 2013”. I tried the first Bioshock when it was new and I hated it; I couldn’t stand the character design and the atmosphere was too spooky for me (no, I don’t enjoy horror games…). Let’s see if this game will be any different for me.

Stages of the game

First impressions

Right after I stopped playing FarCry 2 because it made my eyes bleed, I popped BioShock into my PS3, and what a difference! To be fair, this game is a lot newer, but the controls are smooth as a baby’s bum and the graphics are great, without sacrificing framerate.

The city floating city Columbia is magnificent. This is just my kind of atmosphere. The fuzzy feeling in my gut quickly turned into something else rather quickly though, as I was suddenly branded “the false shepherd”. I was then attacked, to which I counter-attacked and mutilated some dude’s face. Oh man, I think this is going to be a great game. I feel much better playing this than I did the original BioShock.

Somewhere in the middle

Yup, this is still a great game in many ways. Some things bug me a little bit, though. It’s a little too easy (although I do play it on normal difficulty, so maybe that’s not a valid complaint). At one point I found myself just bum rushing what was basically an army of soldiers. I immediately dropped to low health because of this dumb move, but my in-game companion just threw me a medkit and I managed it anyway.

I’m also not a big fan of the supernatural elements of the game. At least there aren’t any laser weapons (I do prefer weapons that shoot bullets).

The important thing is I’m having lots of fun playing this. The monorail system is pretty cool gliding about, the atmosphere is great and the story is pretty interesting. I don’t think I’ll be bored with this. In fact, I thought the game was just about to end but it didn’t and I was glad.

After finishing the game

I got pretty much what I expected, I would say. I would have preferred more of the nice atmosphere from the beginning, but that’s a minor complaint. Also, the game was a little bit too easy for my taste. I honestly think I used vigors (kind of like magic skills, requiring collectable salts) under 50 times altogether during my playthrough.