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One of the best Tower Defence games ever

I’m a real sucker for tower defence games. Something about that genre really speaks to me. One of the best such games I have yet to encounter is Kingdom Rush, available for iOS, Android and PC (as a free, Flash based browser game with the possibility of buying additional crap). I first played the Flash version and then bought the Android version.

The game (based on promotions, the Google Play description, screenshots etc) looks like one of those awful games that are constantly promoted on the banners across the web that I have to view when in environments where ad blocking software is not available. It’s not, though.

Simple, classic tower defense with minor twists. You are only allowed to build towers on some pre-defined spots on every map, which is fine and makes it a bit more challenging. Enemies travel a pre-defined route towards the target that you have to defend. You have access to heroes that can walk this path and clash with the enemies.

Overall, I played and enjoyed this game that I spent 7 Swedish crowns on (about one USD) much more than the games I recently bought for PS3 for a total price of 600 Swedish crowns (about 85 USD).

Stages of the game

First impressions

Looks promising, but darn, it’s hard, difficult, challenging, fractious, tricky, tough, but also lots of fun. If I can figure out how to use the different tower types I’m sure I’ll be able to have some fun with this. The graphics are adorable.

Somewhere in the middle

Okay, I’m hooked. This is great. Probably the best tower defence game I’ve played (maybe apart from Pixeljunk Monsters – mainly because of the co-op mode). This is way more fun and relaxing to play than the Hitman HD Trilogy I just bought for PS3. Can’t stop playing this for about an hour a day on my tablet now.

You definitely need some tactical skills to pull all the levels off. Some are really challenging. No way you can complete this game by just randomly building and upgrading towers.

After finishing the game

Well, that was worth my money alright. And it was so cheap! I could’ve bought like one banana for that price, and this sure tasted better than a banana. I’ve kind of looked down upon Android as a gaming platform before but this is amazing.



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